Kris Kasanova is a 23 year old Brooklyn bred MC known for his lyrical prowess and eye-catching visuals from his music videos to his photo shoots. Growing up in the projects of Red Hook, Kris learned to rap from his stepfather who worked with Mary J. Blige and Big Pun. At 10 years old, his stepfather would take him to the studio to sit in with him on his sessions. Being around it so much just made Kris eager to start making up his own rhymes. Kris started taking his craft seriously at the age of 17 years old, just like a bunch of kids starting out rhyming at school. Around the time he met his early production team, Clyde and Harry. Together they created hundreds of songs sharpening Kris’s skills and work ethic.

In 2010, Kris met New York’s favorite Lower East Side Producer/DJ, Ibe, who started working with Kris to produce his first mixtape, The Long Way Home. With Kris’s lyrical skill and Ibe’s creative production, The Long Way Home, was immediately embraced by blogs such as The Source, and 2 Dope Boyz as well as streetwear clothing shop, Flight Club. The partnership between Ibe and Kris led to a joint venture, The HomeSkool. The following year, Ibe and Kris started working on his latest album, War Paint. Ibe tells stories with his beats just as Kris tells stories with his rhymes that sonically took War Paint to another level musically. Since the release of the album in October 2011, press outlets like Hip-Hop Wired, All Hip Hop, Karen Civil, Ashley Outrageous, The Life Flies , and Karmaloop TV all took notice.

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